Designer and Art Illustrator

Hello [insert your name here], my name is Owen and I am an illustrator /designer / photographer and developer with a graduate degree in graphic design. Born the London, and with a passion for  modern design, urban architecture and conceptual artworks I also like to tack ethical subjects. My ultimate goal is to impact others through creative ideas, and inspirational design.

2014 Graduation / BA Hons

Owen Prescott

Owen Prescott

Designer / Developer / Artist

User feedback Survey Graphic

User Feedback Survey

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Fill out this quick survey to provide user feedback to help improve user experience.

Bokeh Light Forest Wallpaper Preview

Bokeh Forest Wallpaper Pack

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Beautiful Colour Bokeh Forest Wallpaper Pack Free to Download.

Oculus Rift Racing Buggy

Oculus Rift Racing Buggy

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The New Racing Buggy Design for a 2014 Oculus Rift Game.

Oculus Rift Game – Virtual Reality Battleship

Oculus Rift Game – Virtual Reality Battleship

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Showcase of an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Battleship that will release in 2014.