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Bitcoin Mining Hardware – ‘BitPhantom’

22 Jun Bitcoin Mining Hardware – ‘BitPhantom’

I don’t know about you but there is something about Bitcoin’s that fascinates me, perhaps it due to the hopes of dissolving the corrupt bank and financial institutions, or perhaps it is the idea of dissolving world borders with a secure crypto-currency free from inflation and government control.

Regardless of the vast potentials, and possible issues surrounding the Bitcoin, I personally feel Bitcoin’s are here to stay! As a result, as a designer, and somewhat of an ethical activist I hope to embrace this new technology and offer my own contributions and ideas to the movement.

The Bitcoin Rig

If you are relatively new to the Crypto-currency world, as I am, then perhaps it is a good idea to provide some initial info on Bitcoin mining. The idea comes from back when traditional, physical money served as a receipt for gold, silver and other precious, finite resources. Due to the limits and difficulties of obtaining such materials, society valued these materials and the receipts that represented ownership of the materials in question. Since the digital era however, banks have, let’s be honest, totally fucked up the global financial system. Systematically scamming everyone on the planet by burdening the global with imaginary debts has become the norm.

Bitcoin mining as a result takes us back to the old times, back when money was not printed into infinitum and had some tangible value. These digital coins are limited in both number, and also mining difficulty. In order to extract those elusive Bitcoin’s anyone with a powerful enough piece of ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware can get to work mining the coins, once mined the coins are freely distributed throughout the peer-to-peer channels for use in trade over unique, encrypted addresses.

The design concept is very simple, a modular set of powerful mining machines, hooked up to create an almighty piece of mining hardware. Each module would be fully functional by itself, however the individual rigs, or modules might also be combined for greater effectiveness and mining capability. Those starting out mining could afford a singular module and dip their toes into the crypto-currency world without having to purchase Bitcoin’s by other means. For those who wish to venture further, simply expand with additional modules. This design would allow for high performance, cost effectiveness and user accessibility. Unfortunately ‘BitPhantom’ is just a pipe dream, unless a bunch of technical people and some BTC rich lucky sod’s want to sit around a virtual table and make something happen then it is likely this Bitcoin Mining Hardware shall remain a dream. Unfortunately my technical understandings do not go beyond building a PC so this idea is to much of a stretch for me, at least for now.

Anyway I hope you like the idea and the hardware visualizations Just for fun let’s entertain some of the more abstract thoughts and ideas I have contemplated in the project. Firstly, names for this beast of a machine..? The words ‘Mega’, ‘Goliath’, ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Annihilator’ come to mind. Something that is apt for a machine that looks like to could break apart Venus just from being switched on.

How about features?

Well why limit ‘BitPhantom’ to Bit mining, no, this mega mining rig would connect and communicate across the universe via entanglement. We could invite aliens and sell them Pizza in exchange for Bitcoin’s. Perhaps ‘BitPhantom’ could also be adapted with bio-morphic, bipedal legs as seen on the living ‘Strandbeest’ sculptures created by genius Theo Jansen. If we are going to dismantle generations of physical money trade for the new digital currency, then hey, riding around on giant walking Bitcoin machines should not be too much of a stretch. I think if the ‘BitPhantom’ could also be adapted to mine physical cans of beer then I would be onto a winner, alas, thanks for reading and feel free support this idea by giving me all your crypto cash.

So what is ‘BitPhantom’?

Well it is just an idea, a concept born out of wishing I had an awesome high performance mining rig that puts other Bitcoin ASIC Mining Hardware systems to shame. ‘BitPhantom’ is a mining machine, but not just any mining machine!

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