City of Babylon (Ghost City) – Owen Prescott Illustration

If you’re a follower of my work, you’ll know by now that over the last year or so I’ve really delved into the art of drawing machines. My OCD combined with patience creates an explosive recipe when it comes to creating intricate detailed illustrations. It just so happens that I have recently found myself with some time on my hands, so I thought I would break away from the norm by populating a colourful scene with several of my “Machines” artworks.


Making of City of Babylon

Black & White Simulated DOF (Depth of Field)

The following image is a simple black/white version illustrating my artificial use of blur to create depth. The scene is a large open cityscape with lots of detail, so it’s imported to create distance from the background, also making the machines stand out.

Black & White Simulated DOF (Depth of Field)

The following image draws from my studies of the Chinese language. I’m fascinated by ancient symbols and logograms such as hànzì.  The large red Chinese character embedded into this scene reads as “Machine (机)”. You might also notice most of the machines I illustrate are decorated with my own interpreations/invented symbols. These are largely for artistic effect as I wan’t the symbol to tie into the machine, it’s these little details that I think make my illustrations mysterious.

3Dimensional Spacial Contrast

When I paint these illustraion with a calligraphy pen on white paper, sometimes the depth of my work feels lost in the overwhelming detail. Adding some digital post processing allows me to really highlithg my use of 3D form. This image is to show the levels of the cityscape, using my 3D design experience I know where to expect shadows and it’s this depth that also informs they warm/colours colours I adopt in the final piece.

Printed Poster Available

If this post is not enough and you need a print, well here you go. Worldwide delivery of City of Babylon ready for order. Contact me if you wan’t an alternative style like one of the images included in the making of City of Babylon. :)