OPvr Gaffiti – Random Creations (Trump, Skulls & Robotic Giraffe)

I guess on my blog my aquisition of a HTC Vive (Virtual Reality headset) has flew under the radar.

I’ve been experimenting, trying new apps and ways to interact with the digital realm. Inevitably I would try out some VR painting and I would like to share my first captures.

Some of these artworks include a not very well painted represnation of Trump, which I felt started to convey the notion that Trump has a loud exterior but deep down, he’s still human. Ultimately he’s as human as the rest of us and allows himself to be gripped by his own fears and vices. The red skull looked pretty cool and reminds me of colourful Aztec artworks.

At the moment I’m still learning but VR painting with the Vive is great fun. Keep an eye on my blog if you want to see my progress as I publish more art, videos and other VR experients.

Day #01 – Machine Art Test

Day #02 – Trump, Skulls & Robotic Giraffe