Calligraphy Scifi Architecture Moleksine Artworks

Handrawn Pocket Sketchbook Illustrations

Featuring an on-going series of handdrawn calligraphy pen artworks. These illustrations are largely influenced by my interests in Asian street architure with hints of Steampunk. The process behind these works is to develop a never ending series of ogranic paths, forms and districts that leave the eye wondering aimlessly.

Every details is unique, roads are used to create subtle spacial illusions and to device the buildings into areas with unqiue character. Many of the symbols and characters are also used to further suggest the occupation of a civilisation, yet there are no people or inhabitants in these cold ghost cities.

I find there artworks to be disutopian, representing a world that has abandoned the natural world. If you look closely I do however introduce small pockets of nature too, these are symbols of hope and defiance.